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Oscad General NoneNoneOscad21-04-147531Huzefa
Oscad General NoneNoneError in model builder02-05-147341Ravindra …
Inkscape General NoneNoneHow to remove magnifying glass03-05-146891kannan
Oscad General NoneNoneError in subckt builder03-05-147731Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNoneGlitches are allowed, common and expect…04-05-1461817skysurfe…
Oscad General NoneNoneError in 4-input gates05-05-146762Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNoneError in using 'RVAR' component07-05-147415Ravindra …
Oscad General NoneNoneCir.out missing07-05-146383Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNonePanic: error08-05-146371Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNoneAnalysis08-05-146551Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNoneIC08-05-148151Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNonePULSE Error08-05-145782Ashoka_L
Oscad General NoneNoneFind the value of Resistance12-05-146251Ashoka_L
C-and-C++ General NoneNoneC and C++ : Regarding the installation …14-05-146572Mridul Sa…
Python General NoneNoneCompilation problem in the slide provid…21-05-149102hardythe1
Scilab General NoneNoneFast Fourier transform - Scilab22-05-1413021Andre
Oscad General NoneNoneNot able to simulate a circuit14-06-147809Biren
Oscad General NoneNoneSCILAB COMPATIBLE NETLIST18-06-146711ashish123
Ngspice General NoneNoneTIME CONTROLLLED Switch configuration f…19-06-148741ashish123
Ngspice General NoneNoneTRANSIENT ANALYSIS +Finding 1st and 2nd…19-06-1418812ashish123