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Use direct sentence, not indirect
"You can increase or decrease the outline using the Stroke Style tab" is indirect and makes it difficult to understand, as this activity is being introduced first time.  The adopted sequence shows the action first and then tell how to do it.  The viewer has to rewind once or twice more to understand what is being done.  As the reader has to do the above activity in reverse direction, I call this "reverse direction" style or "indirect direction" style.  This style should be avoided when a new topic is introduced to make it friendly to the beginners.

Instead, the narrator should say something like the following: "We will next show how to increase the thickness of the outline.  Press the stroke style tab.  Using the arrow keys, one can increase or decrease the tab." I call this the "direct narration" style.  The direct narration style should be used, if we want to be novice friendly.

Inkscape Fill-color-and-stroke 10-11 min 30-40 sec 04-05-14, 9:29 a.m. kannan


Dear Sir,
We have actually done so.  There was a slight audio-video sync mismatch which possibly lead you to arrive at this conclusion.  Kindly review once again.
13-05-14, 8:13 a.m. nancy

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