saving . . . saved Ubuntu and Koha login has been deleted. Ubuntu and Koha login has been hidden .
Ubuntu and Koha login
We have installed Ubuntu and also koha but when we type<font size="2"> for online catalog its showing </font> System Maintenance please contact system administrator.
Please help for the above problem.

Raghavendra Jahagirdar
BLDEA's CET, Vijayapur.(Karnataka)
Remote Center ID:1409.   

Koha-Library-Management-System How-to-create-a-library 02-03 min 10-20 sec 05-02-19, 12:56 p.m. Raghukj


Please restart apache:
<span class="crayon-e">sudo </span><span class="crayon-e">service </span><span class="crayon-e">apache2 </span><span class="crayon-v">restart</span>

07-02-19, 4:28 p.m. manju

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