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Error in subckt builder
After successful creation of subckt I am unable to use it in my project. How to add it in project library? Information is not available in OSCAD book.
Please reply..

Oscad General None min None sec 03-05-14, 7:40 p.m. Ashoka_L


Consider this example. You need to create subcircuit for LM741 and you need to add it to your project. So do the following:
(1) Open Schematic Editor. Create your main schematic. Add LM741 to your main schematic. Change the reference of LM741 to X (say X1)
(2) Now click on subcircuit builder. Select LM741 from the small window. Click on OK. Click on OK again to edit.
(3) Draw the schematic of your subcircuit. Connect "Ports" at appropriate input/output terminals
(4) Do ERC and generate netlist for your subcircuit.
(5) When you close the schematic of your subcircuit, netlist converter window opens up to convert your subcircuit netlist to the appropriate format.
(6) After giving the required values of parameters in your subciruit, close the subcircuit builder
(7) Now return to your main schematic, do analysis insertion, netlist conversion and then simulate your circuit.

03-05-14, 9:52 p.m. rakhiwarriar

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