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I don't really know the times, these appear in a couple of places....

In theory, the conjugate base of ethanoic acid is ethanoate and the conjugate acid of ammonia is the ammonium ion.  The sodium and chloride ions are merely partner ions in this example.  

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This tutorial does not have any mention about conjugate acid/base. This question is not relevant here for this tutorial.

We have mentioned about ethanoic acid and sodium ethanoate and (Acetic acid and Sodium acetate), in Buffer Solutions tutorial @3.35, @3.40,@ 4.20, @4.50 min.

We have mentioned conjugate base as sodium acetate because in the ChemCollective interface the solutions are give as 1M Sodium Ethanoate/ Sodium Acetate (1M CH3COONa) and 1M Ammonium Cholride (1M NH4Cl), it is understood that even when we mention Sodium Ethanoate, it is ethanoate which is the conjugate base.

07-08-18, 12:32 p.m. snehalathak

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