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'Ribosome is an RNA structure that reads mRNA strands to produce proteins.'
Ribosome is made up of RNA and proteins. 

These PhET interactive simulations are really good ways to learn concepts. If you must make tutorials on them, at least read up on your material first. Also, get someone to edit your scripts for language and content before you publish. 

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26-07-18, 1:28 p.m. snehalathak


Nothing wrong with the definition of ribosome given on the slide in the tutorial. We have given a definition that is apt for the simulation. Simulation shows mRNA clamped between two subunits of ribosome.
Many references can be found on net.


Ribosome consists of two parts, a large and small subunit, which clamp around mRNA molecule that needs to be translated.

We don't see any problem with the content of this tutorial. This tutorial was reviewed by domain experts and they have not suggested any changes in the content.

Our scripts go through proper reviews, details of which are given in the below link.

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All the additional material that comes with the PhET simulation was referred to before creating this tutorial.

We also referred to standard textbooks .

Principles of Biochemistry : Lehninger 5th Edition, Chapter 28, regulation of Gene expression, I have a copy of this book.

NCERT Class 12 Biology , Chapter 6, Molecular Basis of Inheritance.

26-07-18, 1:33 p.m. snehalathak

Just because someone else did not point out your mistakes does not mean you did not make them.  Lehninger is an excellent book.  I am glad you have a copy.  Please do read it.  He and his fellow contributors would never say that a ribosome is made of RNA or that LacY binds to the cell membrane or that a covalent bond dissociates.  When building on such wonderful work (like Lehninger and these Phets), you should be more careful and more humble about learning and saying the right things.  

06-08-18, 11:39 p.m. Phil

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