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Mentioning the order of the reaction
Dear Sir /Madam,
I) How can I specify the reaction order to be 2 . Should I just specify the DO of the reactants i.e.Ethanol and Acetic acid to be 2 ?
ii) The question specified only the value of 'rate constant' and how can we enter it as 'frequency factor' In the Arrhenius equation

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To answer your first question,
Mentioning the order of reactants depends on the factors as mentioned below:
1.To specify the reaction order: If the order is 2 with respect to only one component, then you should indicate 2 for that component only. If the overall order is 2 but 1 with respect to ethanol and 1 with respect to Acetic acid, then 1 should be indicated against both acetic acid and ethanol. It completely depends on your rate law equation.
2. If the reaction is reversible, then DO and RO should be indicated and rate constants should be specified accordingly. If the reaction happens in the forward direction only, indicate the order against DO only.

For your second question,
In the tutorial, the effect of activation energy on the rate constant is neglected (since E value was unknown) and therefore it is completely entered as frequency factor. In case you know both the frequency factor and activation energy individually for the reaction rate, they can be entered individually and the rate constant will be calculated accordingly.

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