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Latex installation problem in ubuntu-Linux environment.
I have failed several times to install latex in our ubuntu-linux environment through sudo apt-get install texlive-full texworks, terminal shows unable to fetch some archive some files. The suggestion apt-get update also does not work.
I am a teacher in Mathematics in a college at West Bengal and planning to run Foss-Program for latex to our students. The problem may be poor internet speed, our computers are connected through wireless lan. How to solve the problem? In only one computer which has wired network connection, texworks has been downloaded. May I use it to install in other computers also through off-line mode like in windows? How to solve the problem?

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Yes, you can download an ISO file of the complete distribution of LaTeX and then re-use it several times, offline, as supposed to re-downloading it on every computer. Please see this link and download the file "texlive.iso". Please read the information on this page while you are downloading the file. Notice that the file is huge (around 3.5 GB). So I recommend using a Download Manager. See this link to download and install "uGet" download manager . Download managers will be extremely useful if you are expecting frequent disconnects in the internet connection. You can even buy the official copy of the DVD from

After you finish downloading the iso file, see the instructions on this page to learn how to install latex from the iso file The instructions are suggested by a latex user and have not been tested by me. However, they seem to be quite straight forward and should work.

Get back to us in case if you face difficulties. If you succeed, please let us know.


13-02-18, 3:47 p.m. rupakrokade

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