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Regarding convergent solution
I have imported bend pipe mesh file from salome, given pressure and velocity values based on Hagen Poiseuille problem, but it is not convergent, please tell me what are the values of pressure and velocity values to get convergent solution?
In Openfoam for different mesh sizes 40, 80, 160 i know how to check grid independence,
my question is, we have created mesh in salome, imported to openfoam, then how to check the grid independence? Because there is BlockmeshDict file? How to do it?
i would like to convert the problem into millimeters, for that what i should do and  change ? How to write kinematic viscosity value for the air fluid ( by default it is in meters)?

OpenFOAM Exporting-geometry-from-Salome-to-OpenFOAM 11-12 min 0-10 sec 22-01-18, 1:33 a.m. Nathan


Hi Nathan,
Regarding convergence I answered in your other question.
To do grid independence you try to create different meshes in salome and import it in OpenFoam and solve it.
Say you create different  mesh sizes as you mentioned 40,80,160 in salome and solve it in OpenFoam. Try to plot the property say Velocity along length of pipe. Plot it for different mesh sizes in the same graph and ensure the property doesn't change with increase of grids. So that you can conclude the grid you have is finest optimum grid for that problem.
For the last part of question, it is advisable to maintain the geometry in meters.

22-01-18, 4:22 p.m. sathishk12

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