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savings account opening in SBI bank
what is procedure of savings account opening in SBI bank

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Kindly watch the video for the demo on how to open a bank account in SBI bank.
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First the age limit should be above 18 years. Then visit the nearest bank / branch and get Form 60 to open a new savings bank account. Form 60 will have 4 - 8 pages. First page will have title. If we don't have PAN Card we can fill 2nd page where we have to fill our Name, Address, Type of Account. Then we have to provide the name of the proof we are submitting. Next we have to fill the Amount in the space provided. Complete the page by filling the date, place, & signature in the corresponding space provided. Next section is the Form DA - 1 (Nomination Form). Here we have to fill up the Deposit details followed by the Name, Relationship, Age, Date of Birth, Address of the Nominee that we wish. In case if the Nominee is Minor, we have to provide the Account Holder Details. Then we have to get the signature of two long - term witnesses. Next we have to go to Page 4 which will ask us the Proof of Identity & Proof of Correspondence Address. We have to select the proof we wish & provide its number, Issue Place, & Issue Date. In 2nd section we have to provide the Introducer's Name, CIF. No, Account No & the duration of the Account. Next Page 5, in which we have to stick our recent Passport size photo & other due details with signature. Once completed we can go to the Verifying Officer along with photocopy & Originals of the proof we provide. Further procedures will be carried out by the Verifier.
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Select the Right Bank. Accessibility is a real life issue. ...
Visit the Bank or Bank's Website. ...
Decide the Type or Scheme of Savings account. ...
Keep the KYC Documents Ready. ...
Comply With Bank's KYC Rules. ...
Fill out the Forms. ...
Deposit the Initial Amount. ...
It Inculcates Saving Habit.
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Follow the steps mentioned below:
- Visit the nearest SBI branch 
- Request the bank executive for an account opening form
- Fill the account opening form
- The details mentioned in the application form should match to KYC documents that have been submitted
- The customer has to make an initial deposit
- After the bank completes the verification process, the account holder will be granted a free passbook and cheque book
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