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Coloring bond, copy and paste
I saw tutorials about gchempaint & Bkchem.  It was excellent and very useful one for chemistry people.  

I want to know how to make the atoms or bond in a molecule to be coloured not as a hole molecule.  Is there any option in gchempaint?
In Bkchem it is possible to do the above problem. But in Bkchem as well as in Gchempaint, after making a structure, how can I copy and paste it in libre office writer?

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Dear Raman,

You can color the atoms in GChempaint 0.14.6 version.
In GChempaint Preferences window, check the box Use colored atomic symbols in new documents and close the window.
After drawing the structure on GChempaint window,  save the structure as Save As Image. in either png or svg format.
Copy and paste the image directly in Libreoffice document. 
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