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regarding mhdfoam
Good afternoon sir, 
to add user defined boundary condition , you told me to go through swak4Foam , it was not installing propertly. I am using openfoam 2.4v.
for my research problem i am using buoyantboussinesqsimplefoam solver, i would like to add mhd. can you please tell me the procedure. Thank you sir.

OpenFOAM General None min None sec 11-05-17, 5:10 p.m. vnari


Regarding the question to add mhd in buoyantboussinesqsimplefoam solver, I advice you to go through mhdFoam source files which is available in openfoam 2.4 and try to run some cases. See whether that solves your problem. If not we can think about creating a new solver based on buoyantboussinesqsimplefoam and adding terms from mhdFoam.

Regarding first question try to install by following . Make sure you install the dependencies also properly
Hope it will help.

28-09-17, 4:15 p.m. sathishk12

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