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Create CSV file
What are the steps to create a csv file?

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1. Open Microsoft Excel (make sure it is the Excel file you want to duplicate in CSV
 2. Once Excel is open click on “File” (top left hand corner of your screen) and click
“Save As” (2nd option down on left margin). 
3. Underneath file name at the bottom of the save screen you will see option “Save as 
type.” In this field select “CSV (Comma delimited).”
4. Name your file and choose where to save it. Click “Save” (bottom right of save 
screen to the left of cancel).
5. Two dialogue boxes “pop ups” will appear alerting you that formatting is different. 
Click OK on the first dialogue box to appear and “Yes” on the second. You have then 
successfully saved a CSV file to your computer
09-10-23, 9:21 a.m.

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