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Generating netlist
While generating netlist here we have chosen the PCBnew tab instead of Spice tab and accordingly selected the default format. But in earlier cases we did it via Spice tab why we did this here in different way? 

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Dear Leaner,

This is done because the format of PCB netlist used by the eSim(KiCad) is different to that of the standard SPICE netlist. The generated PCB netlist is read by the Pcbnew to map the footprints of the components and generate them accordingly which can further be autorouted.

Please reply here if you have more doubts.

Thank You.
Sumanto Kar
eSim Team
06-07-22, 11:51 a.m. SumantoKar
What's the difference between a SPICE netlist and a PCB netlist? Is the difference is that SPICE netlist are only used for conversion during KiCad to NgSpice Module and PCB netlist is used only for designing purpose.
Also sir whatever we are building here as say a PCB with tracks virtually but how we will use it while we design a real physical PCB i.e. by etching etc. I don't have much idea about this. Do we give these netlists to a software present in a Computer which is attached to some machine which helps in etching or make a PCB in a readymade form? 
08-07-22, 12:40 p.m. sc256356

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