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Chaining of abstract classes
Sir, my first question was that how can we chain a class object, say Student 33 or Employee33 with that of abstract class as shown in Demo33. I have done a similar thing which is nearabout same which you answered as a chain of Class marks in the forum section today.

Q2) In file we used the object of abstract class say Person33 and used the constructor of a subclass say Employee33 to send the user details (here it's bydefault written as say,. Begum Akhthar or Hariprasad Chaurasia etc.) now that thing I wanted to implement in my program while using chain of objects for multiple employees. I am not saying my program is correct and other things are wrong but I want to learn this concept very well so that in future I should not face difficulty with the knowledge. I know the code is long but you are the professor, hope you can solve this easily.

Java Abstract-Classes 10-11 min 50-60 sec 27-06-22, 11:46 a.m. sc256356


Demo33. java is working fine. If  you need to create multiple objects of class, then array can be used to store the object reference. abstract and static modifiers have been used for the salary() method. Static methods can not be declared as abstract. Use appropriate modifiers for methods.

30-06-22, 12:51 p.m.

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