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PWM instruction
What will happen if we press both the NO switches viz. NO1 & NO2 at a time or say in simulation mode keep booth the states of XSwitch1 and XSwitch2 as 1.

Also please can you explain what we  are doing physically in changing speed by PWM by changing duty cycle? Here practically just changing the switches say pressing the switches NO1 & NO2 one by one to get two speeds at two different duty cycles.
You may ask me to learn it from internet but I want to learn it from you in brief via your notes because as a professor you know what's the level of student according to the subject also while searching about it on Internet will consume ahuge time but your Theory about the process will be simple, specific and will consume less time to learn it.

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Ideally it is recommended not to change the states of Xswitch1 and Xswitch2. Because it would mean we are trying to assign two different values to the variable dc, which is not possible practically.

The PWM pin of the microcontroller usually outputs a pulse with the duty cycle mentioned. Therefore whichever is being connected to the PWM pin (be it an LED or fan) would receive that pulse signal generated by PWM as an input.

16-06-22, 4:59 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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