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Doubt in assignment question
You asked us that, suppose that theinput to the normal contact is logic 0 with its state as logic1.What will be the state/output of the Normal Coil?
Madam/sir, what do we mean by the state which I highlighted in bold and the input as in underline Italic. Here, does the input 0 means we are not pressing the key in any of the NO or NC or Latch Switch? and state means what we see in the I/O list as 1. How will this affect?
Meaning I want to ask that if say state is 1  and Input state is 0, does this mean we haven't press the switch then, what's the role of state here, does that mean that state 0 of normal contact means switch is NO one and state 1 is corresponding to NC switch. 
If it's true then what will be said about the input and state of a Latch switch there for single press the input should be 1 and then state is 1? I got confused in this thing that is between input and state.

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Input 0 means we are connecting one of the leg of the switches to Ground(0V),
Input 1 means connecting it to some voltage other than 0V (i.e. 3.3V, 5V etc.).

Whereas, state 0 means pressing the switch, and vice versa.

In ladder logic terms, input 0 means positive rail on the left being replaced by negative rail, and state is what we see in the I/O list.
01-06-22, 4:37 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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