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General grievance
Please reply to the questions asked int the tutorial within a minimum time possible. I am not saying that answer the question asked by the student within 10 minutes of asking the question but atleast reply them on the same day or the next day. If you reply them after 5 days or after a week then a link between the lecture in which the student had the doubt and the student will get lost and student will produce disinterest towards the subject because she/he is not learning well from the subject. Please do the needful. Yes, professors present here might have his/her lectures in college or might not attend us after job hours, it's there right even we in place of them will do the same thing but atleast attend us on the same or the next day. Also if possible then distribute the questions asked in the subject with some of the teachers who teach this subject in the same department this may relieve some stress if huge number of questions being asked in that subject by many students at a moment. Also this will relieve professors to address the 

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