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Problem with windows command prompt
I am unable to access the ldmicro.hex file saved in the desktop. I reached upto C:\Users\Shubhankar\OneDrive\Desktop>. After that what to do I am not getting. What should I type in the command prompt for accessing ldmicro.hex in the desktop? Madam, please make the students ready with the windows operating system also. Please share me the screenshot what you will do for the same operation which you did to access the file file in Ubuntu, to be done in windows. I am very much confused in that also since we are electrical engineer students, we know some programming languages like C,C++,Java which were in our domain to study, but we are somewhat lame students in using command prompt. Please guide us using such operations on ground level.

Also do we need to have the hardware? We don't have them with us how to use them/access/purchase them? I don't think they are available freely in the market if yes then how to purchase them, are they less expensive? Also can't we study and perform the operations without hardware by seeing the videos or using simulations or using virtual labs offered by some of the prestigious institutes such as IITs & IISc, in case we don't have the hardware. As you burned or say have transferred the program to the Mainboard  of OpenPLC, how can we perform such operation or say experience it in actual process without hardware if we can't afford them say by using virtual labs or some other source/way? For this purpose we  need your help. We the students want every aspect of the learning process to get unturned so that the person reading our resume can't question over our learning process and ask us what's the benefit of learning from such premium institute without having a proper knowledge of PLC.

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1. We expect you to follow each and every step as shown in the Programming OpenPLC tutorial.
2. There's no such file as ldmicro.hex in this tutorial. We have used sample.hex file and showed where it has to be saved. If at all you have created the logic by yourself and compiled it as ldmicro.hex, please make sure you have saved the file in the location you have mentioned. Then in the command prompt go to that folder and execute the "avrdude ..." command as mentioned in the tutorial.
3. The commands for Windows and Linux are same. Only thing that could be different is the location where you saved the file.
4. For simulation, hardware is not required. You can learn the ladder logic concepts through simulation mode of LDmicro. As of now, we are yet to find a vendor who can manufacture OpenPLC. In case if you want to experiment on hardware you can download the schematic and gerber files from the 'Main Repository' link at
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Madam, you said these lines
In case if you want to experiment on hardware you can download the schematic and gerber files from the 'Main Repository' link at
I went to that link, gone to main respiratory button, then, opened hardware files, then clicked on OpenPLC file then opened OpenPLC_Atmega16, then opened there OpenPLC.sch file is present when I click on it, a file containing some codes are present there is no option to download it, only I can copy it what to do next. It seems nearly about an eSim Operation what to do next? Even if I copy those codes then what will I do with those codes where to paste them? Should we paste them, in eSim? If yes then how? I am not getting that. Also is there any option by which we can apply the  flashing of the raw code named sample.hex to flash or say burn the code into the microcontroller? Are we able to perform such operations. Please madam do these process step by step and send some screenshots of them into my email if it's not possible to send these screenshots on this forum.<img>
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Hope you have gone through the OpenPLC tutorials from start, where we have explained what is OpenPLC and what are various parts and the actual Hardware and Software.

If you are a beginner please go through the tutorials step by step from the very first tutorial. Practice until the simulation part in LDmicro as shown in the tutorial and watch the tutorial for hardware connections and output in the video. There is no need of hardware to understand the concept of ladder logic program.

There is an OpenPLC hardware, with the help of this we can perform actual experiments like connecting wires, LEDs,  Switches, etc. You can find the links for the PCB design files at the below link

Hardware manufacturer will do the PCB design if you give these files. It is not for copy and paste.

31-05-22, 4:09 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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