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Add WMS layer
Failed to download capabilities........the system is prompting. I am using 3.22 version of QGIS. Tried using the suggestions in the forum, but nothing works. Please help

QGIS Importing-Spreadsheets 10-11 min 20-30 sec 27-05-22, 10:09 p.m. sushreemishra


Follow the steps:
Layer >> Add layer >> Add WMS/WMTS layer >> Select new from the pop up window(Data source Manager)>> In url option enter the following >> Enter a name in "name" option e.g. Bhuvan >> click on connect >> select the id 2518>> then 2519>> click on add >> in layers panel right click on lulc:KA LULC50K 0506 >> Zoom to layer.  

27-05-22, 11:45 p.m. Pranadh

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