saving . . . saved Normally Open Contact, Normally Closed contact etc. problem. has been deleted. Normally Open Contact, Normally Closed contact etc. problem. has been hidden .
Normally Open Contact, Normally Closed contact etc. problem.
I am not getting The icons shown as Normally Open Normally closed contacts, Ton, Toff etc. which are shown below file, edits, settings, instructions etc. tool bar in your lecture. Also, I am not seeing the set of instructions/statements you have shown in a window like structure where Name ,Type, State, Pin on Process MCU Port are present say I am not seeing anything in place of Xnew, Ynew etc. under the columns of that respective window or say message bar. Yes Name, Type, State. Pin on Process MCU Port are shown but no messages are shown there in my LDmicro program editor window as been shown in your lecture.
Please if possible then give me any email id (asking for official not personal) to provide you some screenshots for someof the questions I ask or provide some arrangement here in this forum so that I may upload the screenshot or images of my pc or notebook in which I face the problem. This activity of providing screenshots I perform with the professors of NPTEL, yes it was via a forum like structure but, it was there. Here, I hope IIT Bombay  will definitely do some arrangement for this so that a student may ask his/her doubt in a more clear way.

OpenPLC-with-LDmicro Introduction-to-LDmicro 05-06 min 40-50 sec 26-05-22, 9:57 p.m. sc256356


If you are using an Windows OS, you may not find the icons as shown in the lecture. The icons have been included only for the Linux OS.
28-05-22, 5:03 p.m.

Thanks madam
28-05-22, 6:14 p.m. sc256356

Issues can be resolved only by posting the problem question on FORUMS against the particular tutorial's minute and second.  Please don't send emails.
You may document the issue, upload the same on your Gmail Drive and post the link along with the question on FORUMS.  That way, the expert team members at our end can see the recording or the images in the document and understand the question better.
31-05-22, 3:38 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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