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how to create circle as it given in assignment
while solving the problems given in video, i came to know that i have to draw a circle profile in openfoam. so when i was drawing that i written all the vertices but when i want to see that in parafoam, it not showing. what i have to do next ?

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I'll try to help you out with this. As you can see in the video, at 3:10, it is explained how to create the vertices for any curved object. You need to find the exact X-Y coordinates of the arc by using the sine and cosine formulas. An illustration of this is in the slides.

Next, at 6:45 it is shown how you can create an arc between two vertices. Similarly you need to number all vertices and create arcs between them.

For the assignment, you just need to change the values of the internal and external radii of the circular profile. So you can accordingly find the coordinates.

For your case, please check if you have put the 'arc' statements in the blockmeshdict file and also if you have put the 'hex' statements properly. Could you post back with some specific issue in Paraview, so that I can help you find the issue?
25-01-17, 10:39 a.m. anmolsahoo
sir i already mention the vertices and i am facing problem while meshig the geometry. all the video which i have seen these having their files and folder but i want to create mine. how can i sir?
27-01-17, 1:16 p.m.

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Can you attach images of your blockmeshdict file?

And also run this command - 

blockMesh > output.log

And post a screenshot of the error here? 
28-01-17, 3:50 p.m. anmolsahoo

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