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Reading and writing material
I know this is practical subject i.e. eSim but can we have some study or reading writing material such as what is gerber file, FSilk  etc we need to know. I am not asking you should provide everything but can something be given to us such as the writing and reading materials available during our college times in practical subjets such as lab journal. We can write many thing here to make notes but this subject is a little bit different i.e. a practical one not like JAVA or C++ where along with lectures we write codes and theories. Here theory is based on the practical knowledge. Please helps the students to do something.

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Dear Sir,

You can refer to the following links for eSim materials:

We also have a slack channel were students and candidates can actively ask questions:
<a href="" target="" title="">Click Here</a>

Actually, eSim is a Circuit Simulation Software(Application Software) developed by FOSSEE, IIT bombay. So, unlike programming languages(JAVA, C++, etc), the software is used to simulate Electronic/Electrical Circuits.

Still we have noted your point and would like to incorporate some reading/writing material in future.

Thank You.
Sumanto Kar

25-05-22, 2:35 p.m. SumantoKar

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