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Problem in Ground Pin
I have used 220k ohms register, when I am connecting the longest pin of the tri-color LED to GND  it is not working, but when I am shifting the pin to 3.3v its works(RGB Emitted), and when the pin is shifted to any other pin of the power row, 4 types of light are emitted by the led (white, yellow, turkeys blue, pink  ) not RGB. where I am going wrong. 
please Help

Arduino Arduino-with-Tricolor-LED-and-Push-button 02-03 min 30-40 sec 09-05-22, 11:11 p.m. tanmoy21


You must be having Common Anode RGB LED with you. Common Anode RGB LED works when the longest pin is connected to 3.3V. In the video, we have shown the experiment with the Common Cathode RGB LED. Try replicating the demonstrated steps in the video with Common Cathode RGB LED.
10-05-22, 1:03 p.m. Pratikjb11

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