saving . . . saved couldn't open the schematic diagram has been deleted. couldn't open the schematic diagram has been hidden .
couldn't open the schematic diagram
couldn't open the astablemultivibrator project on esim. Its throwing the error message as , "Error: The project doesn't contain any .Proj file. Please select the proper project directory else you won't be able to perform any operations." I couldn't even open the file normally which is saved withe the extension ".sch" and if I open normally its redirecting me to the Autodesk Eagle screen, where its asking me to sign in or create an account. How should I go further?

eSim Simulating-an-Astable-Multivibrator 03-04 min 20-30 sec 20-10-21, 12:57 a.m. Swarna10


Dear Swarna,
Please make sure the following things are there if you are opening the project in eSim:
1. All the files are named are of same name as the folder name.
2. Check you are following steps correctly or not(Double click on the project folder and click on open):
3. .proj, .pro file is there or not in the project folder

Also try opening the other projects for the sake of checking.

To open a file(.sch or any other file) normally using a notepad:
1. Right click on the file.
2. Click on Open With option
3. Click on choose another App
4. Search for Notepad
5. Select it and click on OK

Sumanto Kar
eSim Team


20-10-21, 12:28 p.m. SumantoKar

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