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my vector 1:5 is not coming in my list instead it is displaying the output given below

function (mode = "logical", length = 0L) 
.Internal(vector(mode, length))
<bytecode: 0x00000187989fbd50>
<environment: namespace:base>

R Lists-and-its-Operations 09-10 min 50-60 sec 28-08-21, 1:42 p.m. kinshuk02


If you have named your list as "myList", then you can view its contents by simply typing "myList" in the console. Make sure that the vector 1:5 is present in "myList". You can access the vector element by either using its index value or its name (if it has a name assigned to it). If the vector is at the index position 1, then you can view its contents by simply executing the command "myList[[1]]" or "myList[1]".
28-08-21, 9:25 p.m.

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