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Lever Principle
Right side torque value is 4.2N (7N at 0.60 m)

Left side torque value is 4.3 N (3N at 0.60 m + 5N at 0.50 m)
For the assignment given in the tutorial, I am trying hard to achieve the balanced condition. Can you please guide? 

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There is a mistake in the question.  The correct answer is given below.
Left side torque:
M1= 3.0N x 0.6 m + 5.0 N x 0.5 m

M1= 4.3 Nm

Right side torque:

M2= 6.0 N x 0.6 m + 1.0 N x 0.7 mM2= 4.3 Nm
24-07-21, 11 a.m. madhurig

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