saving . . . saved Assignments has been deleted. Assignments has been hidden .
Mam pls tell how to save assignments doing assignments
How can we assign work to students

ChemCollective-Virtual-Labs General None min None sec 01-07-21, 3:19 p.m. jyosna_chemistry


You can take screenshots of the ChemCollective Vlabs interface on your computer using PrtScr key on your keyboard and save the image files.

Please design your own assignment problem in the same lines as the Load Homework problems in the vlab interface using the chemicals available in the stockroom Explorer. Please do the assignment yourself first and make sure it works before giving to the students.

There are also autograded problems in the ChemCollective website, the link is given below, you can use the same for  training your students.

05-07-21, 12:53 p.m. snehalathak

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