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Workshop assessment test - Reg.
Respected sir/madam,
                                       Greetings.I am K.Karthik from Pandian Yadav Saraswathi Engineering College, Sivagangai. My questions are
1.What do you mean by Academic code in student registration form?
2.What are the basic hardware/Software requirements for taking online test?
3. What is the duration of online test?Does it depends on the type of course?
4.Whether the questions are objective or Descriptive?
5.Any model question paper available for C/C++?

Thanks and Regards,

What-is-Spoken-Tutorial General None min None sec 29-03-14, 8:31 p.m. psyec_ece_org


Dear Karthik,
This is to inform you that the Spoken Tutorial Forums facility is an ongoing technical support forum.  Currently, it does not offer support for non-technical queries.  All queries regarding Online Tests have to be addressed to the individual Event Managers or Resource Persons of the Spoken Tutorial project via email or via telephone call.

Thanks and rgds,
Nancy Varkey
Project Manager
Spoken Tutorial Project
IIT Bombay
30-03-14, 3:53 p.m. nancy

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