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Qcad types
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Arun Kurali, Faculty coordinator at S.J(Government) Polytechnic, while updating STPs it was seeking information on training.
I have chosen Qcad Laboratory, there were some other options too such as Qcad(autocad) etc. For Civil Engineering Drafting which should we can chose. And what is difference in Qcad laboratory and Qcad(autocad) etc. Except in that case i dint find those different types of Qcad anywhere in the website.

If i want to change Course How can i change the Course of participants?

If Possible please inform National Coordinator to add more civil Engg softwares such as sketcUp(FOSS-it is free and Open source software), staad, SAP, Autocad.

Thanks with Best Regards

QCad General None min None sec 08-09-16, 11:27 p.m. arunkurali


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