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NGHDL error
Circuit: * c:\users\bhawa\esim-workspace\pqr\pqr.cir

Error on line 10 :
  a1 [net-_u1-pad1_ ] [net-_u1-pad2_ ] u1
 MIF-ERROR - unable to find definition of model u1
Warning: Model issue on line 14 :
  .model u1 inverter(rise_delay=1.0e-9 fall_delay=1.0e-9 input_load=1.0e-1 ...
Unknown model type inverter - ignored
Reducing trtol to 1 for xspice 'A' devices

This error is coming on ngspice window when i am simulating the circuit containing component which i have uploaded using nghdl feature. Here u1 is the component which i have uploaded using nghdl.

eSim General None min None sec 14-05-21, 3:53 p.m. Bhawarth


Please follow the instructions of VHDL file that needs to be uploaded. It accepts only bit and that too in std_vector. If other versions then, you need to use VHDL signal conversions
01-07-21, 11:46 a.m. Glorianandihal

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