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Error in Heterogenous Reaction

When I try to solve the demonstration problem,

I get the residence time as similar in demonstration, but not the conversion, given everything is same except, the catalyst loading (making it 0). But, If I give the input of catalyst loading as 0.386, then I see an error that the pressure drop is too high. The simulation doesn't run.

If instead, I give void fraction as 1( instead of 0.4) along with catalyst lading as 0.386 then the simulation runs and it shows the same conversion as shown in demonstration, But, the hydrogen conversion is some random number 23467. Which is meaningless!!!

Please do help!!!

Mohamed Shahid

DWSIM Heterogeneous-Catalytic-Reaction 12-13 min 0-10 sec 24-04-21, 6:23 p.m. shahid03


For better understanding of the issue, please upload your DWSIM File in g-drive and share the link here.

Also, ensure that you are following the steps correctly as mentioned in the tutorial.
26-04-21, 11:01 a.m. kaushikdatta

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