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Place Order For book
When we add order to the basket there is a new form that came up in which we need to fill in details about new order In which we need to mention quantity but in the text box showing quantity it's showing lock symbol and so I am unable to edit that textbox which results into display an alert message "Quantity must be greater than 0".

Koha-Library-Management-System Place-order-for-a-book 05-06 min 0-10 sec 11-03-21, 3:12 p.m. desai_shi


Login as Koha Admin account - Go to KOHA Administration - Acquisition Preferences - Under the policy - AcqCreateItem - select option from drop down - Create an item [when receiving an order] This is only the default behavior, and can be changed per-basket.
12-03-21, 11:27 a.m. samruddhi

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