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Arc Geometry
I would like to know how the point between vertices 1 &2, (0,0.212132,0), was obtained.
I understand that it is with the ordinate of this point we calculate the coordinates of other vertices in the same circumference.
Say I change the pipe dia, would this particular point remain the same, if not what is the expression to find the new value.

Thanks in advance.

OpenFOAM-version-7 Creating-3D-Pipe-Geometry-and-Mesh-in-OpenFOAM 05-06 min 30-40 sec 27-02-21, 8:21 a.m. CTentre


Since you already know the radius of the circle, you can determine its co-ordinates as: [r x cos(theta), r x sin(theta), 0)
By varying the value of theta, you can locate its different co-ordinates
27-02-21, 9:40 a.m. subhamdas

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