saving . . . saved ChemSep Distillation Column has been deleted. ChemSep Distillation Column has been hidden .
ChemSep Distillation Column
I am unable to view my desired result as expected for the simulation of a ChemSep Column. The error which is getting displayed is saying - 
(Unable to cast COM object of the type "System.__Comobject to interface type 'CapeOpen.ICapeunit" 

Please help to find the solution of the above error

DWSIM General None min None sec 26-02-21, 4:50 p.m. Abhijithaldankar


The error is generally due to the incorrect installation of Chemsep and CAPE-OPEN objects. Please ensure that you have installed the Chemsep and CAPE-OPEN objects correctly.
08-03-21, 2:58 p.m. priyamnayak

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