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Size of Pie chart is very small
<font size="2"># Clear R workspace</font>
<font size="2">rm(list = ls() )</font>
<font size="2">
<font size="2"># Declare a variable to read and store moviesData</font>
<font size="2">movies <- read.csv("moviesData.csv")</font>
<font size="2">
<font size="2"># View the stored data frame</font>
<font size="2">View(movies)</font>
<font size="2">
<font size="2"># View the dimension of the data frame</font>
<font size="2">dim(movies)</font>
<font size="2">hist(movies$runtime)</font>
<font size="2">hist(movies$runtime,</font>
<font size="2">     main = "Distribution of movies' length ",</font>
<font size="2">     xlab = "Runtime of movies",</font>
<font size="2">     xlim = c(0,300),</font>
<font size="2">     col = "blue",</font>
<font size="2">     breaks = 4)</font>
<font size="2">genreCount <- table(movies$genre)</font>
<font size="2">View(genreCount)</font>
<font size="2">pie(genreCount)</font>
<font size="2">pie(genreCount,</font>
<font size="2">    main = "proportion of movies' genre",</font>
<font size="2">    border = "blue",</font>
<font size="2">    col = "orange")</font>
<font size="2">The above is my code and I am getting  a pie chart which js very small</font>

R Plotting-Histograms-and-Pie-Chart 07-08 min 20-30 sec 29-01-21, 11:53 a.m. safan


In pie() , use radius function, 
Eg:: in your case,
pie(genreCount, radius=1)
You can change the radius size according to your preference
29-01-21, 12:34 p.m. Abhijeet2001
<font size="2">Thanks a lot, it worked.</font>
29-01-21, 1:59 p.m. safan

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