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OPAC in Windows
Using the video tutorial, I have installed koha and created super librarian, patron and OPAC in Ubuntu using Virtual box. But how can i login in Windows or how patrons can use OPAC in windows as it is only working Ubuntu(Used "" in firefox in Ubuntu to login as admin. and used "" in firefox in Ubuntu to view OPAC). While using the same URL in windows OS in Chrome, it is not working.
I can administrate in Ubuntu using virtual box, but patrons can't use in Ubuntu. And what is the URL we should share with patron for OPAC.

Koha-Library-Management-System OPAC 04-05 min 30-40 sec 24-12-20, 10:23 p.m. thamizhrajan16


1. First you need to check the IP address of your ubuntu system (Virtual Machine).
2. While accessing opac from any other system replace the only IP address"" to your Ubuntu system's IP address.

Let's see the below example:
As you are accessing opac using the and your Ubuntu System IP address is
Now you need to access opac from your Windows system(user end) then your URL will be "".
Similarly, for the koha admin   "".
28-12-20, 6:35 p.m. praving80
Thanks @praving80, but still not working. My IP of Ubuntu system is ""(checked in system settings). So I tried to open the koha admin page through URL "" in Chrome on Windows OS, not working, shows as "This site can't be reached". But I can open the koha admin page in Ubuntu OS through the URL "".
23-03-21, 1:58 p.m. thamizhrajan16

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