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Not able to find the mean of sepal length and sepal width.

Following output is obtained .

 iris %>% group_by(Species) %>% summarise(mean(Sepal.Length) %>% summarise(mean(Sepal.Width))

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You should use the commands, as given below:

iris %>% group_by(Species) %>% summarise(mean(Sepal.Length))

iris %>% group_by(Species) %>% summarise(mean(Sepal.Width))

Please note that these are two separate commands. You will require to run these two queries, one by one, to know the desired mean value. 

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When I run library(ggplot2) and library(dplyr) then only it is identifying %>%.How do we come to know which library is required for which command  ?
14-12-20, 2:28 p.m. Joohi

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