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I am a research undergraduate Mech engg. student and I am following FOSSEE from last year. I am also trying to learn OpenFOAM to replace Ansys but open tutorials are very few  on the internet.<o:p></o:p>


In this corona pandemic time, I was at my home and internet connection was a big issue over there. Now I see that I missed these workshops. Could you please send me any ppts or any recordings for these workshops , so that I can also get advantage of them.<o:p></o:p>


I would be very thankful to you.<o:p></o:p>


Thanks & regards<o:p></o:p>


OpenFOAM General None min None sec 01-12-20, 2:40 a.m. vini95garg


Hello Vineet,

We're glad to see your interest in learning OpenFOAM through Spoken tutorial and FOSSEE workshops. For now, we don't have any upcoming workshops but in the future, we will definitely organize workshops in online/offline mode. You can keep track of workshops from our websites.

Also, if you are interested in projects, we have a case study project open. You can apply for that with a one-page abstract or you could write to us on email with your area of interest. We will give you a project based on your interest.

For more details about the case study project, visit this link:

Divyesh Variya
01-12-20, 10:26 a.m. divyesh7

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