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how to downoload the videos
Respected Sir,
                           i am from gpt trichy. how to download the videos. it will be used to show the video offline.

thanking u.


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Respected sir, 
I am from ips academy. How to download the videos. It will be used to show the video offline

Thanking u. 

31-10-18, 8:09 p.m.

Hi Vijay and Abdul,

Please follow below steps to download the zip file:
1. Open the link:
2. Select FOSS Category: for example C and Cpp
3. Select Level: for example Basic
4. Select Language: for example English
5. Click on "Add Selected FOSS" button (It will show the details like FOSS, Language and Size. Make sure size should be less than 1GB)
6. Click on "Create ZIP file" button
7. Now click on "Click here" link to download the cd content zip file.
8. It will download the zip file. Now extract the file and open index.html it will launch the content.

01-05-20, 4:50 p.m. uzairaziz2004

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