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question regarding test
hai sir,
i have registered to spoken tutorial and i viewed and learned some course, now the question is i want to take test and get certificate and my college is not registered with this and as i am a student i registered volunteerly to this now how can i take test alone ?
please help me out with this problem

What-is-Spoken-Tutorial General None min None sec 25-06-16, 4:58 p.m. rajesh_dt


Dear Rajesh,

You cannot take a test alone. It can be in batch only. You just contact to your Principal or any Faculty member in your college and tell them to contact us. We will help your college to conduct the Training in an organised manner with conducting the online assessment test. You can directly call to your respective state manager for further clarification. See the link below to contact-
11-07-16, 12:54 p.m. akanksha

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