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Getting started
First if all I can't locate any code files.
And how is ipython differnt from python?what window shoud we open to start the modules.
Also, why are different paths given for differnt level of modules.I cant locate those paths.whats pylab interactive shell and python interactive shell?where do I find them. 
I dont understand any of those terms.please help

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Code files are located in the Code files section of the relevant module/video lesson. If that lesson needs any files to be used, they will be provided in the code files section in the bottom right menu , please see <a href=""></a>

IPython is an interactive interpreter shell, it is more feature loaded than the regular Python interpreter shell, both have the same function, IPython just gives you a better more featurefull interface (analogous to comparison between Notepad and Word)

Which paths and modules? Python modules have different paths based on how they have been built and developed.

Pylab is a package to import all math related packages. There is no Pylab interactive shell, you run Pylab inside Python interpreter 
24-09-20, 12:06 p.m. ankitrj.iitb

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