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 Q1. I opened the moodle in another account. We prepared a from page with Digital India LMS. Why does not it appear why we use search option
  Q2. How to enter my old account " Digital India LMS" from my new account. I can install moodle again and redo the whole stuff. but my question is, why should I not be able to the old working page again.   

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Q1: Can you please elaborate on page creation. 
Does that mean you have created a course in Moodle or an activity within a course?

Q2: You can logout from the new account and enter your old account credentials in the login page.
This is possible if you have created the two accounts in the same moodle installation.

And also, please elaborate on the 'old working page'.
Does this mean that you have multiple moodle installations in your system?
If yes, then please provide some more details.
If you are on Windows and using XAMPP, then, the moodle directories are usually located at 'C:\xampp\htdocs\'.
You can access your old moodle installation by starting the web server and accessing moodle in your browser by specifying the correct path for old moodle installation.

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