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Saving a diagram
Suppose I draw a triangle. I want to select only the triangle figure or a little more, not the whole page and save it as a .ggb file. How to do it?

GeoGebra-5.04 General None min None sec 04-06-20, 10:35 a.m. sivalingamk



When we save a drawing with .ggb extension, it will always show the interface. As .ggb is the default extension.
If you want only the figure and not the interface, you can export the file as .png or .eps or make an animated gif.
All these options are available in the File menu of the geogebra interface.
Also if you just want to see only the Graphics view, you can always uncheck the other views using the View menu.
In the View menu, we have an option Layouts. In the Layout menu we can check and uncheck toolbar, status bar, side bar and others.
06-06-20, 12:18 p.m. madhurig

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