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Shell and tube Heat Exchanger
Good Afternoon
i am having a problem regarding the tutorial.
When I opened the editor window for the Heat Exchanger element, as soon as i specified calculation type as Shell and tube heat exchanger rating ,the other boxes under it become frozen. Not able to specify cold and hot fluid pressure drops. Please help me out.

also can you guys tell how did u get the values of fouling factor,thermal conductivity,roughness,tubes per shell,passes per shell and tube layout. I am not able to understand how to get this values as because its not given earlier in the problem statement.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

DWSIM Shell-and-Tube-Heat-Exchanger 10-11 min 50-60 sec 31-05-20, 12:55 p.m. 9shubh_1729


Please note that the tutorial was created using DWSIM Version 4.3. Back then, when the calculation type was selected as "Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Rating", the pressure drop was to be provided as an input parameter. However, from version 5 onwards, the pressure drop is being calculated from the given shell and tube heat exchanger properties and that is why the boxes are frozen.

Regarding the values of the fouling factor, thermal conductivity, tube roughness, and tube layout, they are given directly in the problem statement. Refer to 01:35 time duration in the video.

Regarding the values of tubes per shell and passes per shell, they can be calculated from the type of exchanger (2-8 Shell and Tube) and the total number of tubes mentioned in the problem statement (Refer to 01:35 time duration in the video).

01-06-20, 6:07 p.m. priyamnayak
Is this certification course?
02-07-20, 2:11 p.m. tarangsherathiya

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