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Large Number Of Variables
In R software we declare large number of variables. How do we know that whether the variable which we are going to declare is already declare or not?
As some variable declare in this tutorial 
moviesGeIm, moviesImD, moviesImA, moviesComDr etc.

R Data-Manipulation-using-dplyr-Package 10-11 min 50-60 sec 24-05-20, 5:27 p.m. mzaid


In your console, you can type ls() and press Enter to check for the variables present in the Environment, as shown below:
> ls()
 [1] "movies"       "moviesComDr"  "moviesComDrP" "moviesComedy"
 [5] "moviesComIm"  "moviesGeIm"   "moviesImA"    "moviesImD"   
 [9] "moviesLess"   "moviesMu"     "moviesR"      "moviesTGI"   
[13] "moviesTHT" 
Apart from this, you can make use of the auto-completion feature of RStudio. This feature predicts the name of variables that have been declared already when you start typing similar names. 
24-05-20, 5:36 p.m. sudhakarst

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