saving . . . saved SMCSIM has been deleted. SMCSIM has been hidden .
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          I noticed while going through the Oscad manual. My toolbar window doesn't have SMCSIM option in it. What could have gone wrong sir?

(query by Swetha Kannan)

Oscad Schematic-Creation-and-Simulation 01-02 min None sec 17-03-14, 7:35 p.m. rakhiwarriar


The Windows version of Oscad does not have SMCSim (Scilab based Mini Circuit Simulator). SMCSim is a simulator (based on Scilab) that helps you view the circuit equations and simulate the circuit. No need to worry. This is just an add on feature. You may use Ngspice to perform the simulations.
17-03-14, 7:38 p.m. rakhiwarriar

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