saving . . . saved Moodle on internet and moodlecloud has been deleted. Moodle on internet and moodlecloud has been hidden .
Moodle on internet and moodlecloud
how to make Moodle site made with moodel local host to use on internet. how will student access otherrwise, does it mean that they have to come to the lab necessarily to access the moodle.

Is moodlecloud free option really free forever as on support site of moodlecloud it mentions so but on pricing page it shows 45 days free trial.


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People change their strategies for raising funds, etc.  It may have been free at one time.  Now it is free only for 45 days.  Fortunately, 45 days are enough to learn Moodle and to figure out whether you like it or not, whether you should go for this solution or not.
20-05-20, 10:27 p.m. kannan
But can you please guide me about first issue. I have done spoken tutorial course on Moodle LMS, have learnt how to create course and otherr details. How to go ahead in actually using it for students. I feel this part is not covered in the spoken tutorial course. Can you please guide me in this regard. How are you all using it in IITB. 
20-05-20, 11:02 p.m.

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At IIT Bombay, we have an Application Software Centre that has installed Moodle and maintains it.  It provides all the required support.  In a similar way, someone in your institution should also support you.

In general, anyone who has a degree in computer science or IT or an MCA should be able to install Moodle and maintain it for you.  So, your institution should at least consider recruiting such a person for this activity.
20-05-20, 11:06 p.m. kannan
Thank you for replying so propmtly can you just asnwer my last doubt. Just need a clarification. That means we need not put the moodle content developed by us on internet and still studetns can access it from anywhere or just through college connected netwrok through application center as mentioned by you and in that case no need to purchasee any plan from moodlecloud. Is that correct. But if we need that students can access it from anywhere then purchasing moodlecloud plan is must. Is that right understanding.

20-05-20, 11:37 p.m.
If you have your college website (which has an internet presence/ can be accessed from anywhere) and if the web server is hosted in your college itself OR if you have access to the web server then, you can install Moodle on the same server and create an alias for Moodle, something like

22-05-20, 9:36 p.m. kashmira.n

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