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DNA-Protein interaction
Can we analyse the DNA-protein interactions using Jmol?

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  Yes, we can analyze the DNA protein interaction in Jmol application.

You will have to open the corresponding PDB file in Jmol and check for atomic distances, bond angles, dihedral angles, etc.

  I would suggest, the best option for analysis of DNA-protein interactions with the software called UCSF-Chimera. This software has many more features for structure analysis, this includes 3D molecular views, Hydrogen bonds (weak and strong) and non-covalent interactions, change the display, highlight active-sites or amino acids in the structure, etc.

   We have spoken tutorials for UCSF-Chimera for self-learning, Below is the link, please check them, you may find them useful for structural analysis of proteins and DNA, RNA other macromolecules

08-05-20, 2:33 p.m. snehalathak

If you can specify more precisely what you mean by "analyze", i.e. which is your intention, a more precise answer may be given.
14-07-22, 8:44 p.m. AngelHerraez

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