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Hi Team,

I am currently working in an MNC and have enrolled to this course for my own career development. Please let me know, after completion of all the videos, will I be getting the certificate or there is anything else that needs to be done for the same.

This course and the certificate is truly a valuable one and i would definitely need to uplift my career.

Awaiting a favorable response.


Python-3.4.3 General None min None sec 07-05-20, 8:19 p.m. arijitbanerjee29


Thanks Arijit, for your interest.  At present we offer only proctored tests, and that too through colleges only.
You very well know that unproctored certificates don't have that much value.

Will your MNC be interested in hosting our online tests for all interested employees in its organisation?
08-05-20, 7:57 a.m. kannan

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